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Commercial (Business) Burglary

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Ninety per cent of burglary prevention is physical security (Locks). If your Butts County complex is locked up and unauthorized entry is made difficult, time consuming, noisy and visible, chances of a successful burglary are kept to a minimum. The burglar will pass up your Georgia business and look for an easier target.

Steps to Take to Prevent a Burglary in Butts County

Computerized Master-keying

Locks on all outside entrances and inside security doors should be double cylinder deadbolts with moveable collars. The deadbolt should have at least one inch throw containing a hardened steel insert and protected by a latch guard.

Padlocks should be of hardened steel, mounted on bolted hasps and always locked to prevent exchange. Serial numbers should be filed off to prevent new keys from being made.

Doors (all outside or security doors) should be of solid construction, metal lined and secured with heavy metal crossbars. Jams around doors must be solid. All exposed hinges should be pinned to prevent removal.

Windows should have secure locks. Burglar-resistant glass treatments are also recommended. An example would be the installation of polyester security film. However, this must be used in conjunction with the alarm’s glass break sensor. Heavy metal grates may be used on windows of high vulnerability (such as rear windows). Check with the Fire Marshall for safety requirements.

Lights must provide optimum visibility, both inside and out, with those outside having vandal-proof covers over the lights and power source. Entire perimeter must be well lit, especially the area around doors and other possible entry points.

Alarm System should be supplied by a licensed alarm company or Georgia locksmith with a central monitoring station. Check the alarm system on a daily basis, and advertise its presence to deter break-ins.

Cash Register should be kept in plain view from outside the building so it can be easily monitored and should be left open when empty and not in use.

CCTV Cameras

Safes should be fire proof, burglar resistant, anchored securely and in plain view. Leave it open when it is empty, and use it to lock up valuables when business is closed. Contact a Georgia locksmith to change the combination whenever someone with access to it leaves your employment.

Building Exterior should be checked including the roof, cellar and walls. Secure all openings.

Maintain Good Visibility by not allowing landscaping, boxes, trash bins, vehicles or equipment near building where they might provide concealment or access to the roof.

Perimeter Fences need to be adequate enough to keep intruders out, and at the same time allow good visibility of your business by neighbors and Georgia police (i.e. vertical iron bar fence or 1/8 inch mesh vinyl coated chain link).

Key Control should be done in a responsible manner. A master key system where one key opens all locks may be convenient, but it may not be the best for security. Code all keys, keep them locked up when not in use, and do not allow employees to leave them lying around or make duplicates. Change locks whenever you suspect key security has been jeopardized.

How Magnetic Locks Work and Their Benefits

Voice Intercoms

Armed or aggravated robbery is basically the taking of property force, or by implied force. Robbery can be a traumatic experience for the respective victims, their families and witnesses to the event.

Retail and commercial entities that carry or deal with cash are potential targets for robbers.

It is my intent, that the following information serves to reduce your chances of being robbed through practical advice. This advice is also designed to assist robbery victims and witnesses help the police in the identification and apprehension of robbery offenders.

The Facts of Armed Robbery

- Armed or aggravated robberies typically have increased in recent years.
- The typical time it takes to commit an armed robbery is less than 90 seconds.
- Offenders are often irrational and hyped-up as many are substance abusers looking to secure money to fuel their drug habit.
- Offenders are focused on gaining quick access to cash and consider the amount of money on the premises; how to mask their appearance from identification and on how easy it will be to get away.
- 'Armed Robbery" is not committed with only a firearm. It can be through the use of a knife, club, or any other weapon that is likely to cause death or grievous bodily harm..

Be prepared For A Robbery

Your safety, and that of co-workers or family members should be of paramount concern. Always maintain an orientation to your surroundings and to security. You should plan for the possibility of an armed robbery. Think of any scenario that could take place in your establishment and develop a set procedure for all to follow. By doing so, you can help to minimize risk, reduce your loss, prevent injury or even death and help Police apprehend the offender/s should an armed robbery occur. Large businesses that deal in large amounts of cash should have their cash collected by contracting with a secure armored car company.

- If the offender has a firearm, or implies that he has a gun under clothing, always consider it loaded. Your life and personal safety far outweighs the value of money.

- Do not stare, but try to note the offenders' description - physical features, clothing, weapons and actions

- Once it is safe, try to note the direction the offenders fled after the robbery. If possible, also note vehicle details make, model, year, color, tag and any distinguishing features of the vehicle. Don't chase the offender's vehicle in your vehicle.

- Dial 9-11 and ask for the Police to be dispatched as soon as the offender has left. Stay on the line with the Police until they arrive to provide as much information as possible with regard to the occurrence.

- Crime Scene preservation is crucial. Evidence may be collected that leads to the arrest and conviction of the offender. Restrict entrance to the establishment after the robbery. Isolate the area used by the offender and ask witnesses to stay until the Police have arrived and spoken with them. It is important to not touch anything the offender may have touched such as doors, counters or notes demanding money.

I also recommend that you have your local police agency conduct a security survey. This service is usually free of cost. There are other private accredited security professionals that can be hired to assess your risk of robbery and help you implement preventative measures.

Magnetic Door Lock - Pros And Cons


Magnetic locks are among the most basic devices that are used by locksmiths when doing their job. If you aspire to become a technician in this field, then it is important to find out how it works, what it does, and the many benefits you can enjoy with its use.

Various Components of Magnetic Locks

Magnetic lock is also popularly referred to as mag lock, which is made up of an armature plate and an electromagnet that is widely used in the locksmith industry. The door opening is installed with a magnet inside of it to prevent any form of tampering with the device. Meanwhile, the armature plate is installed on the door's face to allow the mechanisms to work together efficiently.

As soon as the magnet is connected to an electrical source, there is a strong magnetic attraction that is built due to that connection. This helps to hold the magnet tight onto the plate that facilitates in a secure locking of the door. There are two ways in which the door lock is powered: 1) the use of a separate battery pack, or 2) the electrical system of the building. It is also possible to use DC power for the magnetic locks, which would require the additional use of a converter unit. There is also the ability to design these locks to become fail safe, which will ensure the door remains unlocked even if there is a power outage. Hence, occupants can exit the building safely even during such cases.

There are four basic methods of operating this type of lock. The first one is connected through a buzzer and operated manually to release the lock and open the door. The second one requires the use of a keypad system that required numerical code to activate the lock. The third one involves the use of card readers and is commonly used for commercial establishments. And finally, magnetic locks can be operated using fingerprint scanners that limit access into a building. Some more complex systems involve scanning various parts of the body such as the eye, facial features, among other things.

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